For over 30 years Essex has successfully built relationships and real estate in the New England market.

Essex Builders is a full service general contracting and construction management firm. Founded in 1984, we are the leading open-shop provider of construction services in New England, resulting in a resume that catalogs close to $1 Billion of successful construction projects.

A key aspect of Essex Builders’ success is the relationships it has forged during a thirty year history; not only with its clients, but also with an extensive database of subcontractors and vendors. Our talented and experienced staff manages these relationships to ensure all projects are completed: on time; under budget; and far exceed their owner’s expectations.

The TEAMWORK philosophy, which Essex Builders aspires to, has created opportunities to serve clients in a wide variety of industry sectors including: multi-family residential, senior-living, commercial office, healthcare, biotech, industrial, retail, mixed-use, religious, hospitality, corporate and educational.


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General Contracting

In the role of General Contractor, Essex Builders works with clients on a fixed price basis, in order to: deliver a project that conforms to plans and specifications created by the owner’s architect; and within an allotted time-frame. Essex Builders forms a team comprising of experienced staff members and subcontractors to ensure our client is professionally served with respect to both schedule and workmanship.


Construction Managment

As Construction Managers on a project, Essex Builders becomes a contributing member of your team, so that you and your project benefit from our expertise. Our goal is to serve our client by: providing value engineering; creating savings whenever possible; and minimize project time while maintaining quality of workmanship. This approach often means our client can occupy its new facility early, since construction can start prior to finishing the full design.


Design / Build

The essence of Design/Build is that quality, completion dates, and costs be firmly controlled by a single entity. By teaming with the architect best suited for our client’s building needs, Essex Builders is able to implement a design in an efficient and economic manner.


Program Management

Program Management is the monitoring and implementation of a complex set of interrelated cost and schedule issues by utilizing our strengths in: project planning; determining feasibility; organizing and managing the project team; risk analysis and avoidance; permitting services; scheduling; administration of the project.

The decision of how to structure the construction team is often governed by various factors. Selection of the most appropriate option greatly enhances the potential for a project’s success and Essex Builders ability to better serve its client.


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